Crap I found that ammuses me..

Fast food or Restaruant?: It is all food...
Innocent or not?: Not
swimsuits~ like them or hate them?: Hatred
typing or writing?: Either
Cursive or normal?: Cursive
Long Hair or short?: Long
Blue eyes or Brown?: Either
Hamburger or Hotdog?: Neither, I am vegetarian
Kiss?: ---
friend?: ---
Sport?: Hockey
Animal?: Fox
laugh?: ---
Food?: Cookie Dough
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Memories are yet just bliss to the mind. Mustent I say, we are all still too foolish to realize the hurt we have.

I decided to keep this to look back and create memories. Hopefully I will keep good things. Maybe not. True to this, my mind explodes with its own creativity and its own bliss.

Shamelessly I lay in my own calamity, but unlike the others, I realize my mistakes. I realize were I lay. And I know why I am here.
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    New Found Glory