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So. [Aug. 16th, 2004|02:49 pm]
[mood |scaredscared]
[music |Silence]

My dears, my dreams are haunted, and so Is everything else. I am so scared. No one to turn to, nothing to trust. What will become of me, oh what will happen to me? I am ever so lost.

[User Picture]From: haize_0
2004-08-18 03:02 am (UTC)
I'm open to being friends with you, I really am. e-mail me at HaiZe_0@hotmail.com sometime, and we can set up a meeting. That's also my MSN name, or there's FireBug4532 for AIM. Please, contact me sometime, I'd like to meet a fellow homeschooler. As you know my first name, why don't you tell me your's? And I'm pretty sure it's not Athema, but if it is, I'm sorry for insinuating that you're lying, as that's not what I mean.
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[User Picture]From: haize_0
2004-10-16 04:08 am (UTC)
Hey, you said you still wanted to be friends... Do you just never check this? Anywho, send me an e-mail at the address I listed above so we can chat.
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[User Picture]From: x_kekepania_x
2004-12-13 04:17 pm (UTC)
i like your icon
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