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New Poetry

I have a new poem, if you would like to read it
Alone by your side,
with a tear in my mind,
I am feeling so gone,
is it really that far?

Why am I always this way,
what happened to my life,
it has floated away,
on the back of my love,

Split down the center,
or peirced through the heart,
away from the cost,
I am brought into my sight,

I can hear your voice,
though you seem so faint,
you are so transparent,
yet so close to me,

I can taste the essence of your heart,
blending into reality,
like that of sweet revenge,
left in the darkness,

You are the one,
with your coldness,
sins of deep silver,
and love of black,

May you die,
be gone,
yet cease,
and be again,
in this fatal reality of hate,

May you be hollow,
painted with cold,
and forever lost,
in the timeless knowlegde,
of tomorrow.


Please, tell me what you think. I also posted this on bleeding_words

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