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Just a little something I stole from lucifersclown.
1.How many close friends do you have: 1
2.What time do you usually go to sleep: When I feel as if my body needs to rest.
3.Are you a poisonous monkey: I didnt know they had such a thing.
4.Do you see yourself being married in the next five years? I really dont think so.
6.How many people do you think you will fall in love with in your lifetime: Only the one.
8.Give one word you would describe yourself as: Quiet.
9.If you were an animal what would you be: Fox.
10.What is the color that best describes you: Silver.
11.What do you love about yourself: My personality.
12.What do you despise of yourself: My eyes.
13.Do you see yourself being a weak or dominant person: Dominant.
15.Have you told somebody you love them in the last seven days: I am not really sure.
16.Have you held hands with someone affectionately in the last week: No.
17.Do you think that you will ever go through the procedure of divorce in your lifetime: No.
18.How many times have you messed around with drugs.. if you can remember: ----
19.How many times have you gotten in trouble with the law: ---
20.Can you name the first and last names of all the people you have kissed: ---
21.Do you give names to nonhuman objects. ex. car: Yes.
22.Do you believe in spirits: Of course.
23.Have you seen purple people: No.
24.Do you think you will ever see purple people: No.
25.Do you see yourself as a follower or leader: Depends on the situation.
27.Are you lying in any of the questions you just answered: No.
26.If someone moderately attractive offered you $100 to do a sexual favor would you do it: No.
28.Do you talk about your friends behind their backs: No.
29.Do you think any of your friends talk about you behind your back: No.
30.Name a friend that you think will betray you in the next year or so: I would prefer not to think about that.
31.Do you think it would have to do with the opposite sex: ---
32.How many times have you been dumped: ---
33.How many times have you broken someone's heart: ---
34.Do your friends sometimes accuse you of leading someone on: No.
35.Would you refer yourself as being a tease: Sometimes.
36.Would you mess around with someone you just met: Depends on who they are.
37.If you met the man/woman of your dreams and he offered to take you out on the town with a lil something expected at the end, would you go even if you were married: If I was married, then it wouldnt be the man of my dreams.
38.Do you believe in religion: ---
39.Do you believe in George Dubya Bush: No.
40.Do you believe in aliens: It all has to do with what you call aliens.
42.Have you ever won something worth winning: ---
43.Do you see yourself being punk, emo, a raver, goth, jock, preppy, original or other: ---
44.What type of people do you wish didn't exist: ---
45.Name your biggest turnoff: Smoking.
46.Would you prefer a sensual massage over strawberries with chocolate syrup: ---
47.Do you think that reefer should be made legal: Yes.
48.Do you think rubbing alcohol is an inhalant: Sometimes.
49.Do you like the smell of rubbing alcohol: ::drools:: Vodka.
50.Do you like the smell of gasoline, you know, for your car: No. Cars Kill The Planet.
51.What about paint thinner: They all kill you. What doesnt?
52.Would you rather become a rockstar or a pornstar: ---
53.Would you marry the richest person in the world even if they were in their eighties, were ugly as hell, and smelled of vomit: No.
54.If you were dared to streak at a family reunion for $500 would you do it: Yes.
55.What do you smell like right now: Clean laundry.
56.What does your hair smell like: Shampoo.
57.Do you wear cologne or perfume: Both.
58.If the biggest name brand clothing were named ?Winkieball? and all your friends were wearing it would you still wear it: No.
59.Would you consider sex one of your biggest weaknesses: I wouldnt know.
60.What color is your hair: Black and Silver.
61.Do you believe in long distance relationships: No.
62.Would you cheat on your partner if they went out of town for a month: No.
63.How many fingers do you have all together: As many as you.
64.Are you tired yet: I am always tired.

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